Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to unite, to make whole, to bring together…

Yoga is an embodied practice of breathing, feeling, and being present with who we are… It is the experience of full integrated wholeness, a practice of bringing together every aspect of our being… A full embrace and acknowledgement of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is a practice in self-care, A method of both exercise and energy healing… to feel, to heal, to integrate all that we are into wholeness.

Yoga encompasses spiritual practice, physical exercise, mindfulness & meditation.

We feel that a yoga practice enhances our experience of all other forms of exercise & physical activity, deepens our appreciation & respect for life, and helps us to be more present, grounded, and skillful in our response to whatever we experience each day.

We feel that yoga is one part of a full spectrum of support systems and practices that enhance quality of life.

We believe in seeking support … Check out our list of trusted Resources & Referrals HERE (Coming Soon!)


Hatha is a Sanskrit word that means Sun/Moon.

Ha= Sun and Tha= Moon.

The term Hatha refers to the harmony of masculine and feminine energies within all of life, including us.

Here are some other ways to define the qualities of masculine and feminine.

Masculine: Sun, Action, Radiance, Pure Heart Presence, Physical, Grounded, Energetic, Powerful, Light, Intellect & Rational Mind, Earth, Fire

Feminine: Moon, Receptivity, Luminosity, Soul, Emotional, Fluid, Passive, Feeling, Darkness, Creative, Intuitive, Visionary, Water, Ether, Air

Hatha Yoga refers to a style of yoga that focuses on biomechanics, functional movement, and balance between muscle engagement, stretching, and releasing techniques.

Hatha Yoga is a low intensity strength building form of exercise that also includes meditative practices and longer held stretches.


Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means to Connect, or to Bridge, or to Unite.

Vinyasa, as it applies to our class descriptions, is used to describe a style of yoga that focuses on building sequences of postures from simple to more complex. The beauty of a well sequenced Vinyasa class is an experience of discovering your strength, resiliency and ability to move and be with your body in a deep and profound way. The pace is more fluid and flowing… You move in sync with your breath. The experience of Vinyasa yoga is an embodied, fluid meditation and great exercise at the same time!


Restorative is a term used to describe a style of yoga that focuses on supported, passive postures that induce deep relaxation and release from stress and tension.


Meditation is pure presence… There are so many ways to experience a meditative state. It is a feeling state of being with the sensations that you experience within you… It is a state of rest and repair for the nervous system… It is a state in which spontaneous release and insight can occur.


Yin refers to yoga postures that are held for longer periods of time (3-7 minutes) , with minimal effort, to passively stretch and release fascial tension.


Prana is a Sanskrit word that means Life Force

Yama is a Sanskrit word that means practice, or discipline

Pranayama refers to breathing techniques that influence our energy


Sound Vibration… A sacred word, sound or phrase… A way to connect mind, heart, and spirit through sound


Energy Seal… Typically a mudra is a way to position the hands to direct energy flow.

A common Mudra, is Anjali Mudra, in which we place our hands together in prayer at the heart center.

This Mudra is an energy seal for Heart Devotion, Receptivity & Gratitude


Namaste is a sanskrit word that is used as a Greeting/Closing/Blessing.

Namaste means that “I recognize and salute you on a Soul Level. The Light within me acknowledges the Light within You.”


Synchronizing your yoga experience with the energetic qualities of the moon and biochemistry of our cycles :)

Resources on Cycle Syncing & living in harmony with your own natural cycles: The Woman Code, By Alisa Vitti & Code Red & Love Your Lady Landscape, by Lisa Lister , Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

New Moon ~ Mentstrual ~

Energy: Low… Winter, Time to hit pause… Its ok to not feel “ON”… Introspective/Reflective

Emotional Gifts: Feel it All, Healing, Intuition is strong

Mental Gifts: Evaluation

Optimal Self-Care/Exercise: Rest & Receive… Restorative Yoga, BREATHE, New Moon Goddess Yoga, Yoga with Maureen, Walking in Nature… Take it easy

Waxing Moon ~ Follicular ~

Energy: Spring… Uplifting… Feeling more energetic… & Creative Surges…

Emotional Gifts: Visionary, Creative, Positive Outlook

Mental Gifts: Big Picture Visioning, Goal Setting, Receiving Insights and Clarity

Optimal Self-Care/Exercise: Move! Enjoy ways to move and be in your body… Slow Flow & Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga with Maureen… Cardio Exercise, Journal/Write, Give yourself space to dream and vision

Full Moon~ Ovulatory ~

Energy: Summer…High, Outgoing

Emotional Gifts: Connection with yourself & others is easy, feeling in your flow,

Mental Gifts: Clarity, Ability to articulate thoughts/feeling is heightened

Optimal Self-Care/Exercise: Best time for more intense strength training & Cardio… Full Moon Goddess Yoga, Yoga with Maureen… Be in community with people that uplift, strengthen and inspire you

Waning Moon ~ Luteal ~

Energy: Fall… Lower Energy… Focus on YOU… Limit demands on your time and energy

Emotional Gifts: Release

Mental Gifts: Task-oriented, Focus… De-cluttering, letting go, getting things done

Optimal Self-Care/Exercise: Low intensity strength training, stretching, walking… All Yoga Classes, Pilates