Lauren Gibbons

Lauren beams positive, bright energy... Specializing in Pre-Post Natal Yoga & Fitness... She is the Founder of Lauren Gibbons Yoga

“Lauren is a Mom and totally gets what’s going on with your body before and after baby… She tailors to your current physical and (emotional !) needs and provides great insight into the body… I love that it is a totally judgement free zone…”

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Join Lauren on Friday, March 22nd at 7pm for Meditation Circle

About Lauren

Lauren is a bright light... Her positive energy and beaming personality make time spent with her a refreshing and joyful experience. She is living proof of the transformative effects of a consistent yoga practice and she's a natural born leader. She is someone who has transmuted her own struggles with depression and anxiety into feeling at peace and whole within herself through yoga and meditation. Her  incredibly challenging & heart opening initiation into Motherhood made her purpose in teaching yoga crystal clear: Lauren is here to guide other Mama's and mama's to-be through the transformative experience of pregnancy and early motherhood. She practices what she preaches and lives by the mantra, "Nurture Me, Nurture You".  She will help you prioritize your self-care so that you may live with more ease and grace. She is a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Postnatal Fitness & Yoga Specialist, with an MA in Communications. Lauren is always evolving her own self-care practices  and has continued her in -depth studies of yoga for the pelvic floor and Ayurveda for pregnancy and postpartum. Lauren's guidance goes beyond the blessing of feeling better physically...She is an incredible asset to have on your support team. 


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