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Kitty Kuknyo 

Kitty is such a peaceful, present and encouraging teacher... She makes you feel steady and capable

Kitty teaches her Slow Flow & Yin Yoga on  Sundays at 8 am ( 75 minutes ) 


Praise for Kitty

" I have been taking yoga classes with Kitty for quite some time. I started as a total newbie to yoga. She is an excellent instructor who is so patient, kind and caring. The entire experience is so magnificent. Its beyond words but I would highly recommend her to newbies AND experienced yogis. Namaste!" - Kellie Peterson


" I have been doing yoga for about a year and I have Kitty Kuknyo to thank for introducing me to this practice. If it wasn't for her patience, guidance and encouragement, I wouldn't have embarked on this journey. She is a wonderful teacher. Her spirit and guidance are truly a gift. I am forever grateful that she is a yoga teacher." - Kimberly Nega


" I had done yoga classes over the years but after taking Kitty's classes I have seen the benefits of yoga! She is a knowledgeable instructor who creates an inviting atmosphere. Kitty exemplifies yoga principles of respect, insight and deep commitment to personal practice. I found her teaching methods motivating. Her warm, caring, gentle nature has allowed me to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to my life." - Kelly Donlevy

" I began yoga with Kitty as an absolute beginner. Kitty provided excellent and encouraging instruction. I never felt embarrassed by my lack of skill and left each class feeling more confident and assured that I could progress in my practice. Kitty geared her instruction to the needs of each individual student and provided gentle corrections and suggestions for improvement. I always felt challenged, but never felt overwhelmed. I would highly recommend that you try her class." - Karen Feller



Kitty is a former school teacher, who has followed her passion for yoga into a calling to help and support others. She knows that yoga can touch everyone in unexpected and wonderful ways.  She is happy to share the experience of connection that yoga creates through breath, meditation, movement and mindfulness and to witness in others the enhanced inner peace, clarity and happiness that a yoga practice brings. Her practice and training in Chakra Balancing and Ayurveda enhance her ability to assist others in creating harmony and balance within. Kitty's clear guidance  and compassionate nature will inspire you, strengthen your confidence, and bring you into your natural state of calm. 

Kitty is a Certified 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher from Yoga 360 School of Teacher Training as well as a certified Chair yoga teacher. 

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