Welcome to Light House!

We are here for YOU to Receive, Release & Recharge.

Thank you for choosing us.

It is our Joy to serve you.

May your time here be filled with every kind of wonderful.

Be Free. Be True. Be You. 


Where to Go... Where to Park... Where to Enter ? 

Light House is located on the second floor of the building next to Metro South Medical. The address is 11240 S. Western Ave. Our first floor neighbors are ExcellCare Physical Therapy.

Free street parking is available along side Kennedy Park, and we also have a parking lot in the back of the building. 

If you are coming for a class, please walk around to the front of the building and enter through the front glass door that faces Western Ave. If you are coming for a massage therapy session, it is OK to use the back entrance at the top of the wooden staircase. 

Are Reservations Required for Every Class? 

You can always just show up… And… Signing up online reserves your space in class. We offer an intimate class experience with only 8 people per class. Ideally… we never have to turn anyone away and the exact right number of people show up every time. For peace of mind… to know you’re in… Sign up online :) Classes are full if you see the words Registration Closed on our Schedule. If you cannot attend…. Please De-Register.

Click HERE to View our Class Schedule and to Sign-Up for Class.

Registration & pre-payment is required for all special events. 

View our Policies Here

Please CONTACT US  or call (773) 569-1015 to be added to a wait list.  


Thank you for YOU!