Goddess Yoga for Women with Erin Kelly

Wednesdays once per month at 7pm

Erin teaches every Wednesday at 7pm. Goddess Yoga is on rotation with Restorative Yoga & Breathe.

Goddess Yoga is a 90-minute class for women that happens once per month around the time of the new or full moon. It is part fluid yoga movement, energy healing, and rest. Every class is unique and focused on those in the room. Erin created this class as an outlet to share what she has received through embracing her feminine energy. Goddess Yoga is an experience of release through ease, attuning to your feelings, and trusting your body. Goddess Yoga is on Wednesdays at 7pm, once per month. Erin teaches at 7pm every Wednesday and rotates this class with her Breathe and Restorative Yoga.